Achieve the body of your dreams, a mindset that is unstoppable and a life you are obsessed with…

The Vault
The place for men who want to excel in fitness and in life.

The Vault is an app that provides you with tailored workout plans and mindset coaching for men who want to excel in their fitness journey and achieve the results in the gym. Our plans have already helped hundreds of men achieve the results they desire.

Unlike 99% of fitness apps…

We provide plans and education around nutrition, mindset and how to train.
Everything is proven.

You just have to follow the directions, build lifelong friendships in the community, and leave with a whole new perspective for what you’re capable of.

Stop Procrastinating.

The Vault provides you with a progressive training programme to follow that will guarantee you results.

This system is proven.

Being in your best shape physically and mentally will be the foundation for everything that you do in life. 

It will be the cornerstone that’ll help you achieve everything you desire.


Training programme

- You will be provided with a training programme to follow in the gym that will tell you exactly when to train, what to train and how to do it through video tutorials in the app. These programmes are designed by professional PTs with years of experience and who are responsible for hundreds of body transformations. Every month your workout program is automatically updated and you get a new one. This encourages continual progress.If you have any questions, we are on hand to be able to support you. These workout programmes will evolve and change with you as you progress in your journey. 


Mindset Coaching

- A certain mindset is required of people who want to excel in all areas of life. The shared mindset inside The Vault is that of people who take action, get the job done and are willing to put in the work to achieve the goals they want. Our ethos is about becoming the best version of yourself possible so that you have a mindset foundation that will serve you in all areas of your life, not just in the gym.


Guest Lessons

- We bring in guest speakers at the top of their field in areas such as nutrition, training, professional athletes and much more. They are at the top of their game for a reason. We at The Vault provide a platform where they can share their knowledge, experience and expertise all under one roof.



- Everyone who enrolls gains instant access to The Vault community. A private community full of other like minded people striving to be the best version of themselves. Your network is your net worth. It is important who you surround yourself with and this is a community of winners.


Proven Systems

- No more guesswork. You will be stealing our exact step-by-step systems and processes for building a massive personal brand and becoming a highly-paid solopreneur.



- We host live workshops covering a multitude of topics around self improvement. These are recorded and added into the resources section. Everyone in The Vault will be able to access them and watch them back. Each workshop will also have a live Q&A section.


Video Modules

- The mindset coaching sections will all be structured video lessons in a corresponding order so they are easy to follow and digest. As always if you have any questions on any of the videos or topics discussed then there will be the feature to comment and get support from the team.



- Through the community you'll have unlimited access to support from all the trainers. Make this community your home, brainstorm ideas, ask questions, ask for any help that is needed and thrive with others in there.

Client results

"Joining The Vault was a game-changer for me! The workouts are challenging, the nutrition tips are on point, and I've seen incredible results. Thanks to The Vault, I've never felt better." 


"I've tried many fitness programs, but The Vault stands out. The trainers here really know their stuff, and the support from the community is amazing. I've transformed my body and my lifestyle, thanks to The Vault!"

- Mike

"As a busy professional, finding time for fitness was tough. The Vault's flexibility and expert guidance made it possible for me to stay fit and healthy. It's the best investment I've made in myself!"


"I've been on this fitness journey for a while, and The Vault takes it to the next level. The variety of workouts keeps me engaged, and the progress tracking helps me stay motivated. I'm in the best shape of my life!"


"I can't recommend The Vault enough! The app is user-friendly, the workouts are tailored to your goals, and the results are undeniable. I've gained strength, confidence, and a new sense of purpose."


"I've tried a lot of fitness programs, but The Vault is the real deal. The trainers here are top-notch, and the sense of community keeps me accountable. Thanks to The Vault, I've made fitness a lifestyle, not just a phase."


To whoever has stumbled across this page.

For the rest of your time on this page, I want you to do three things:

  • Be completely honest with yourself about your recent progress.
  • Forget everything you have been told about the gym, training, diet plans, happiness, and a fulfilling lifestyle, especially if it came from someone who hasn't succeeded in any of the above.‍
  • Don't be quick to deem something as "unrealistic." If the complete transformations on this page scare you, you are drastically limiting yourself and have not experienced the possibilities you are capable of.

Read to the end. And if you still aren't convinced, DM us with your concerns and we would be happy to answer them.


First question:

What is actually holding you back from going to the gym, becoming more confident, looking better and becoming the best version of yourself?

Some people think it's a lack of knowledge, fear of looking like and idiot at the gym and others simply feel that they don’t need anyone to help them.

I think it's because you've fallen into one of these traps:

Trap 1. You are walking into the gym with no plan. You go in, do what you feel like on the day, make no real progress and leave after 45 mins…

Trap 2. You haven’t got a clue what exercises you should be doing to reach the goal you have set. You think that just by “going to the gym” you will magically put on more muscle and get to your goal.

Trap 3. You have no idea about progression and progressive overload. You do the same weights, same reps, same sets week in week out and plateau after 1 or two months and wonder why.

Trap 4. You get caught up in the amount of information out there telling you to do this and that. You can’t read between the lines to find out the most effective way so you bounce from pillar to post trying different things which inevitably never work.

Trap 5. You have no idea of what you lifted last week, the week before and you are guessing every single number thinking “it’ll be fine, I think it did this weight last time”.

Trap 6. You’re looking at influencers and gym bros making serious progress and you’re stuck not making any. It leaves you wondering if you are even able to see results.

Trap 7. You are overcomplicating your nutrition and diet. You aren’t sure what diet, if any, you should stick to. How much protein you should have, if you are even allowed to drink alcohol or have a pizza. It leaves you thinking you are going to have to give up your social life to see any sort of progress.

Bonus Trap - The Worst of Them All:

You continue in this cycle, making little to no progress, and rather than continuing to learn, pivot and grow till you get it right.

You get discouraged and quit.

And as a result, you become bitter, cynical, and pessimistic about working out, becoming a better version of yourself gaining confidence and muscle. Dismissing everyone who makes it as simply having better genetics than you.

Know anybody like that?

They aren't fun to be around.

So how does The Vault stop this from happening?

Resolution 1.

The app provides you with a plan customised to how many days a week you want to go. No more walking into the gym guessing. Your plan is there, easily accessible and even shows you how to perform each movement.

Resolution 2. 

Our workout plans are designed with your goal in mind whether it's weight loss or building muscle. Every plan is optimized to ensure you get the best results possible.

Resolution 3.

We provide comprehensive education on the importance of progressive overload, making it an integral part of our progressive training plans. Your plan automatically updates every four weeks, ensuring continual progress and preventing plateaus.

Resolution 4. 

We cut through all the BS and educate you on the important stuff that will actually benefit you. We do this through our members community, monthly zoom calls and weekly messages.

Resolution 5.

We take away the guesswork. Our app tracks every set, rep, weight, rest time and more. Look back at previous weeks, months or even years to see what you have lifted and see how far you have progressed.

Resolution 6. 

Through sticking to the programs built for you there is no way that you will not see progress. Even hard gainers will see muscle growth and a complete change. Also most of your favorite influencers are on steroids, they just don’t tell you so you buy their program…

Resolution 7.

We simplify everything. We give you a calorie goal and most importantly a protein goal. We have a nutrition resources section providing you with meal plans, prep ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even smoothies. We also educate you around what you can eat. And yes with The Vault you can still eat pizzas and have beer as well as see progress!
Join Us in Achieving Your Full Potential
Elevate beyond the ordinary and embrace a fitness journey tailored to men like yourself.
The Vault is your passport to realising your aspirations in a manner that resonates with your ambition.

Your potential awaits.

Get ready to achieve excellence that's aligned with the essence of your journey.

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